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Innovate. Accelerate.

The Company

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Innovate. Accelerate.


Tessellate Inc. will help you deliver breakthrough improvements in performance.  From the executive suite down to day-to-day operations teams our work will impact your bottom line. Tessellate's methodologies are designed to deliver innovative solutions aligned to your business priorities.

We help our clients answer questions like:

  • What technologies, new business processes and models can I use to improve my operating performance?

  • Who is driving innovation in areas of interest to my business?

  • Should I purchase from them, partner with them or acquire them?

  • Is there a branch in my organization that is doing innovative things?

  • How can we make better use of our innovation investment?

  • Why are we losing market share?

  • Is now the best time to enter a new market?

Tessellate Inc. will work with your organization to:

  • Clearly define your needs and challenges.

  • Improve your capacity to innovate and collaborate.

  • Accelerate your access to insight and intelligence.

  • Identify and seek out solutions to your business challenges that will position your organization to rapidly innovate and drive new performance expectations.


Why Tessellate Inc.?


Tessellate Inc. is named for the mathematical term Tesselation, which refers to the perfect alignment of objects to create a repeating pattern. Our process aligns your challenges with potential solutions providers that are identified through strategic insight and disciplined data evaluation.  We consistently deliver solutions aligned to your organization's business priorities that will drive results.


Founded out of our Principals’ work with one of the most significant and globally recognized collaborations in the energy sector, the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative (OSLI),  Tessellate Inc. works with companies to implement a systematic approach to innovation management and strategic sourcing. We produce real results, quickly.


Rapid Innovation. You need quick results in defining your challenges, understanding your company’s path to solutions and mobilizing teams to discover, test and implement solutions.


Rapid Engagement. We utilize crowd-development and co-creation models, techniques and technologies with your team, partners and participants in the innovation ecosystem relevant to your needs to define, refine and undertake initiatives that address your innovation challenges.


Rapid Results. Tessellate Inc. can assist your company with all or part of its innovation program. Working with your executive team, we identify your company’s core challenges, provide you a platform to develop talent crowds to address those challenges while taking stock of external partners, intelligence and solutions. We help you move ideas to action and results with a disciplined innovation management framework.


RE:Solve Services

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RE:Solve Innovation Management

Customized Knowledge Networks

Understanding your organization's challenges and needs is only useful if you know how to make use of it. We don’t simply provide you with a list of people who can help you solve your challenges or meet your needs. We engage those people in defining solutions you can implement. We provide your team with tools to improve their performance and access to networks that provide market, strategic and technological intelligence.

Insight Services

We provide you and your network with regular information about your challenges. Quarterly briefings and annual events assemble your network to showcase compelling solutions while deepening your relationship with the crowd of talented people that are energized to work on your challenges.

RE:Solve Strategic Sourcing

We help you move your ideas to action with a disciplined innovation management process that is based on strategic sourcing. Tessellate Inc. will work with your organization to: roadmap solutions to your challenges and needs; source solutions that are specifically designed to meet your needs; align the solutions to your business priorities; and, ensure the payoff of your investments in innovation management are clear and understood throughout your organization. We use Open Innovation and apply a Challenge drive methodology to identify promising innovators, novel solutions and a risk mitigation strategy to onboard new solutions.



The Tessellate Inc. Advantage

We understand innovation systems.

The Tessellate team has experience in designing innovation systems for large organizations and companies.  We have  a deep understanding of what is required to make an innovation system function effectively at all stages from technology scouting to commercialization.   


We also understand the unique challenges facing small businesses as they attempt to do business with large corporations and the issues facing large corporations as they attempt to bring innovations on-line. 

We are focused on Strategic Sourcing.

Tessellate Inc.’s business model is focused on strategic sourcing.  Working with organizations we define challenges that are designed to deliver on performance improvements. We then seek out solutions providers to address those challenges and help the solutions providers succeed by connecting them with the business services support, mentoring, market intelligence and financing services required for the commercialization of their technology. Collaboration and the use of crowd dynamics are integral parts of our approach.


We are focused on helping you realize a return on your innovation investment.

Whether it is assitance executing on a specific innovation initiative or operating the investment management framework that guides your innovation investment, Tessellate' team and broad indsutry experience can bring best practice insights to your organization. 

We have an extensive network of energy, technology, communications, investment and government professionals.

Our team works with major energy corporations, governments, the investment community and early and growth stage businesses. Our network of expertise will be available to assist in defining challenges, providing due diligence and offering business process support for innovators in the Strategic Sourcing Innovation Market.


With Tessellate you get a team that provides service that is:

Personalized and Customized

We provide you with: strategic advisory services to define your challenges; scalable tools to assemble teams both within and outside of your organization to resolve your challenges; and, ongoing monitoring capabilities to sustain your insight advantage.


Collaborative and Supportive

Our solutions are tailored to your innovation needs and provide support tools and resources to educate, evaluate, and assess the readiness of potential solutions before they are considered for prototyping, testing, implementation or inclusion in your investment portfolio.


Data-Driven and Disciplined

We rely on your team to define the challenge, but we seek facts and data to support your team’s insights. Our intelligence services mine public information resources to baseline the current state of knowledge and identify innovators working on or investing in your problem. Our automated processing techniques support a disciplined portfolio investment approach to help you rapidly complete due diligence on prospective solutions, approaches, and partners before allocating valuable resources.



Our Team


Our Principals

Drawing from a diverse set of collective experience, our leadership team brings together over 60 years of senior leadership experience developing and implementing innovations.

Dale Austin (BA, MPA)

Direct 613-295-2013



Prior to Tessellate Inc., Dale was the founder of Harnessing Ideas Inc. a management consulting firm that focused on energy issues and innovation.  Dale has experience in the private sector with ConocoPhillips Canada where he worked on climate and environment issues. Dale has also worked in the public sector with the Government of Canada where he provided strategic advice on energy, climate and nuclear safety policy.


Rochelle Harding (M.Sc. P. Eng)

Direct 403-675-0449



Through her experience in regulatory affairs and in the establishment of multi-party collaborations, Rochelle has developed a broad understanding of environmental, social and technical issues related to the energy sector and a passion for applying innovative approaches to improve performance. Rochelle has been particularly focused on issues related to oil sands development through her consulting work, her experience in regulatory affairs at two oil sands operators, her work as Program Manager for the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative (OSLI) and as part of the team established to set up Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA).


Tom Ogaranko (BA, LLB)

Direct 780-994-8076



Tom is a serial entrepreneur involved in founding companies, social enterprises and government agencies involved in innovation and technology development in several areas including telecommunications, software, services, web applications, e-learning and medtech. Tom has structured organizations and investment funds for stimulating and growing innovative capacity for public and private clients.


Our Associates

We have the privilege of working with amazing and talented people across Canada. These people are critical to our methodologies or sector insights.

Keith Jones, (P.Bio., CMC)

Direct 250-598-2635



Keith Jones facilitates complex dialogues with multiple stakeholders. In the last 35 years he has worked as a scientist, researcher, educator, knowledge translator, software product manager, marketer, and management consultant. He uses a highly integrative, systemic, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative approach in his consulting assignments. He is a Professional Biologist (P.Biol.) and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

Terry Ross, (BSc, MBA, PhD (Candidate))

Direct 403-615-8572



Terry has over 15 years experience in business development, policy development and social science research fields. Prior to Tessellate Inc., Terry was Director of Academic and Industrial Programs at Alberta Innovates Technology Future’s Basic Research Division. Terry has researched regional innovation systems for his PhD and is focused upon providing new services and tools for growing the innovative capabilities of individuals, organizations and regions.






Teamwork Login


This will take you to our secure client and project team workrooms. 


Crowdsourcing is a new and powerful way of engaging and mobilizing support for your ideas, projects and organization. Tessellate has developed several crowdsourcing strategies for energy firms, research organizations and companies. 
Our Philosophy
Tessellate gets good ideas to work faster. We approach Innovation and Strategic Sourcing with a few core assumptions. 
  1. Your challenges are hard to solve with current tools. Standard procurement or R&D strategies are not producing solution fast enough to make timely and meaningful impacts on performance.
  2. The people with solutions to your problem are not likely employed in your company. We need new ways to bring people together to find workable and innovative solutions. 
  3. Innovators are looking for new ways to work that gets their ideas tested, scaled and implemented faster. 
  4. Everyone wants to reduce waste, cost and the unintended impacts of production on people, environment and communities. 
  5. Open Innovation and Collaboration Models that reveal business challenges and needs to a number of innovation ecosystems are critical to successful corporate strategies. 
Our Approach: RE:Solve
Tessellate’s approach to finding solutions to meaningful challenges is both:
1. Targeted
We work with industry partners to define challenges that can be used to target and focus innovators on where solutions add the most value. We build partnerships with incubators, accelerators and investors that deploy stage gate processes that invite innovators to prove out their challenges and get them to market faster.
Contact us today to see how we can help your company create the innovations you need to address your challenges!
2. Emergent
Tessellate provide a tailored marketplace for innovations focused around its client's challenge areas. We invite innovators to post their projects and seek support for their innovative projects from prototype stages through to commercial product pre-sales.  
Crowdsourcing Platforms
Tessellate can deploy a crowdsourcing strategy on a number of platforms. We have experience developing custom enterprise platforms for the unique needs of large organizations with a large and known group of innovators or partners.



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